City Attorney

The City Attorney serves as the chief legal advisor and attorney for the City of Del Rio. The City Attorney attends all City Council meetings and advisory board meetings when designated by the City Council. The purpose of the Legal Department is to provide accurate, timely and efficient legal services in an informative and understandable manner as needed by the City Council, City Manager or city departments.

In addition, the Legal Department performs the following duties:
  • Approves all City Ordinances prior to their passage
  • Drafts and reviews legal documents pertinent to City operations
  • Prosecutes on behalf of the City in Municipal Court
  • Represents the City in State and Federal Courts
Landowner's Bill of Rights
This Landowner’s Bill of Rights applies to any attempt by the government or a private entity to take your property. The contents of this Bill of Rights are prescribed by the Texas Legislature in Texas Government Code Sec. 402.031 and Chapter 21 of the Texas Property Code.

Texas Attorney General - Open Government
The City of Del Rio is committed to serving the public and improving how City Hall provides information to you. Information is power, and sharing information empowers the public and encourages participation in our democratic process. The link above will take you to the Open Records Division of the Office of the Attorney General, explaining the statutory requirements governing the public information request process.