Event Security Requirements

All events that lease Civic Center facilities for dances or any event at which alcoholic beverages are sold, provided, or consumed are required to have security for the duration of the event.

Additionally, if security is required, then the Lessee shall comply with all of the provisions of Resolution No. R: 2007-173 this was passed and approved by the Del Rio City Council on November 13, 2007, stating the following:

At least one-half of the total amount is due for security upon the signing of this contract. The remaining balance is due at least one week prior to the event. If the security officers have to work beyond the hours scheduled for the event, the Lessee must pay any additional expenses which may be incurred in this regard. If necessary, Lessor will deduct the additional fees for security from the deposit and the remaining amount returned to Lessee. If the additional security fees exceed the deposit amount, the remaining balance will be billed to Lessee by Lessor.