Common Name Scientific Name Height Remarks
Butia or Jelly Palm Butia capitata 10'-15 Feather palm with blue-green leaves; sun.
Cabbage palm Sabal palmetto 30'-40' Smaller fronds than Texas sabal; green fronds.
California Fan Palm Washingtonia filifera 25'-50' Tree-like palm; sun. Hybrids with W. robusta can be taller.
Canary Island Date Palm Phoenix canariensis 20'-30' Beautiful feather palm; may be damaged in very cold winters.
Dwarf Palmetto Sabal minor 3'-7' Sun/partial shade; trunkless, bushy palm; Texas Native.
European Fan Palm Chamaerops humilis 6'-12' Tough, clumping fan palm with spiny petioles.
Mazari Palm Nannorrhops ritchiana 6'-25' Slow growing fan palm with blue-green leaves.
Mexican Blue Palm Brahea armata 12'-25' Fan palm with blue-green leaves; sun.
Mule palm Butia X Syagrus 35'-40' Cross between jelly and queen palm, more hardy than either.
Needle Palm Rhapidophyllum hystrix 5'-6' Clumping shrublike palm foliage for sun to part shade.
Silver Saw Palmetto Sorenoa repens 3'-6' Clumping low palm in both blue and green forms.
Sinaola hesper palm Brahea aculeate 10'-15' Highly drought tolerant, blue-green leaves, slow growing.
Texas Sabal Palm Sabal texana 15'-25' Sun, slow growing, requires moist soil, cold hardy palm, Texas Native.
Windmill Palm Trachycarpus fortunei 10'-35' Tree-like; sun; not considered a canopy; good foundation plant.