Common Name Scientific Name Height Remarks
Mealy Cup Sage Salvia farinacea 2'-3' Sun/part shade; dies back in winter; intense, violet-blue flower spikes in summer; very drought tolerant; a Texas native.
Mexican Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa 2'-3' Sun/part shade; deciduous; perennial with numerous yellow-orange flowers in summer and fall; produces large amounts of nectar that attracts butterflies.
Mexican Milkweed Tagetes lucida 2’-3’ Sun/part shade; deciduous; orange-yellow blooms in fall; trim only after bloom; foliage and bloom have strong licorice-like scent.
Mexican Mint Marigold Tagetes lucida 2’-3’ Sun/part shade; deciduous; orange-yellow blooms in fall; trim only after bloom; foliage and bloom have strong licorice-like scent.
Mexican Oregano Poliomentha longiflora 1'-3' Sun/part shade; semi-evergreen; showy, light purple bloom and aromatic foliage; blooms late spring through summer.
Mistflower, Boneset Eupatorium spp. 2'-4' Sun/part shade; deciduous; fine-textured lavender flowers; native to Texas; adored by butterflies; prefers moist soil.
Mountain Sage Salvia regla 3’-5’ Part shade; deciduous; red to orange blooms summer through fall; attracts hummingbirds; native to Texas.
Oxalis Oxalis crassipes 6” Sun/part shade; deciduous; small, delicate pink or white flowers in early spring; may bloom on and off throughout the year; clover-like foliage.
Persian Shield Strobilanthes dyerianus 2' Part shade; deciduous; beautiful purple and green foliage; not deer resistant.
Pigeonberry Rivina humilis 1'-2' Shade/part shade; a Semi-evergreen perennial with pink and white flowers and red berries; blooms spring through fall; has attractive foliage that is often tinged with red; a great wildlife food source, especially for all kinds of birds; may also be used as a groundcover; a Texas native.
Purple Cone Flower Echinacea purpurea 2' Full sun/part shade; purple, rosy pink, or white flower colors that bloom late spring through fall; will attract many butterflies; performs exceptionally well in summer heat and well-drained soil.
Purple Heart Setcreasea pallida 12"-18" Sun/part shade; deciduous; purple blooms and fleshy, purple foliage; very heat tolerant; can be invasive.
Rain Lily Zephyranthes sp. 1' Sun, partial-shade, yellow, white, pink, rose tubular flowers
Rock rose Pavonia lasiopetala 2'-4' Full sun/partial shade; an attractive, semi-evergreen perennial with deep rose-pink blooms and heart-shaped leaves; blooms late spring through fall; known as a short lived plant (3-6 years), but can be grown easily from its seed; will have more compact growth if pruned occasionally; a Texas native.
Ruellia, Dwarf Mexican Ruellia brittoniana 12"-24" Sun or shade; deciduous; low-growing perennial that thrives in summer months; spreads in good conditions; produces steady flowers all summer; Katy variety is blue, Bonita is pink; although dwarf variety is considered invasive, the taller non-dwarf variety is highly invasive.
Russian Sage Perovskia atriplicifolia 3’ Sun; deciduous; blue flowers on tall spikes summer through fall; attractive, silvery-gray, lacy foliage.
Shrimp Plant Justicia brandegeana 2'-4' Sun/partial shade; soft green leaves with large, salmon and cream colored blooms that resemble shrimp; blooms spring through fall and will need protection from hard freezes; an excellent hummingbird plant.
Silverleaf/Evening Primrose Oenothera macrocarpa 18” Sun/part shade; deciduous; yellow, buttercup-like bloom; flowers close during heat of the day.
Skullcap, Pink Skullcap Scutellaria suffrutescens 12"-24" Sun/part sun; mostly evergreen perennial; low, mounding growth habit; tiny, dark pink or blue flowers reminiscent of snapdragon blooms; attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
Society Garlic Tulbaghia violacea 1'-2' Herbaceous perennial, Sun to part shade, lavender flowers spring to fall, evergreen in mild winters, deer resistant.
Spider Lilly Hymenocallis liriosme 1.5 - 2.5' White blossoms up to 7'' across appear during mid-summer. Glossy, wide leaves grow in attractive clumps up to two feet long. Grows from a bulb. Thrives in semi-shady areas. Foliage usually freezes to ground.
Standing Cypress Lpomopsis rubra 2'-4' Sun, partial-shade, red, yellow spires.
Sweet Violet Viola odorata 1' Sun, partial-shade, purple, deep blue sweet violets
Texas Betony Stachys coccinea 1' Sun or shade; sprawling evergreen perennial with small, scarlet-red blooms and fuzzy, apple-green leaves; deer resistant and drought tolerant; does attract hummingbirds; a Texas native.
Texas Gold Columbine Aquilegia chrysantha hinckleyana 'Texas Gold' 1'-2' Part shade/shade; semi-evergreen; long-spurred yellow blossoms in spring; has delicate foliage that looks similar to the maidenhair fern; attracts hummingbirds; a reseeding Texas native and Texas Superstar.
Tropical Sage Salvia coccinea 2'-3' Evergreen, red, pink blooms; part shade to full sun
Turk's Cap Malvaviscus drummondii 3'-6' Sun/shade; large evergreen shrub; with red twisted-looking flowers year around; white and pink varieties also available; hummingbird magnet; a Texas native.
Verbena Verbena sp. 6"-1' Full sun; blooms spring through fall; many colors and varieties; used as a perennial groundcover that is very heat and drought tolerant.
Verbena, Blue Princess Verbena X hybrida 6"-12" Sun/part shade; deciduous; spreading perennial with bright lavender flowers that spread over large area; good for attracting butterflies; a Texas Superstar.
White Rain Lily Zephyranthes candida 1' Ephermal; sun, part shade; white
Wooly Butterfly Bush Buddleja marrubiifolia 5’ Sun; deciduous; orange blooms spring through summer; fuzzy foliage; attracts hummingbirds and butterflies; native to South Texas.
Yarrow Achillea spp. 1'-3' Sun, partial-shade, bright yellow, white, red, pink, salmon, lavender flowers.
Zexmenia Wedelia hispida 1'-2' Sun, partial-shade, orange-yellow daisies, evergreen to dormant in winter.