SHRUBS - LARGE (not taller than 25 feet at maturity)

Common Name Scientific Name  Height Remarks
Bay Laurel    Laurel noblis 6'-12'    Evergreen, sun-part sun, fragrant leaves- used in cooking.
 Evergreen Sumac Rhus virens   4'-15'   Sun/part shade; evergreen; off-white flowers during summer and fall which attract butterflies; produces red fruit that is loved by birds; a Texas native.  
Flameleaf Sumac   Rhus lanceolata   10'-15'   Sun/partial shade; deciduous; beautiful red-orange leaves and bright red berries on female plants in fall; very high heat tolerance.  
Lavender Tree   Vitex agnus-castus    20' Sun/partial shade; deciduous; beautiful lavender & white flowers that resemble spikes during spring, summer and fall; high heat tolerance.  
Oleander   Nerium oleander   4'-20'    Sun; evergreen; many bloom colors including white, yellow, pink, salmon and red; high eat tolerance; this plant is toxic and very harmful if ingested.
Possumhaw Holly   Ilex decidua   15'   Sun/partial shade; deciduous; the female plant has shiny, red fruit during the winter months that is enjoyed by birds; very high heat tolerance; a Texas native.  
Rose of Sharon   Hibiscus syriacus   15'   Sun/partial-shade; deciduous; pink, purple or white hibiscus-shaped flowers early summer through fall; high heat tolerance.  
Southern Wax Myrtle   Myrica cerifera    To 15’ Sun/part shade; evergreen; wispy, narrow, olive-green leaves; sensitive to over-watering; makes a great evergreen screen.  
Viburnum, Rusty Blackhaw   Viburnum rufidulum    10'-25' Sun/partial sun; deciduous; glossy green leaves, with white flowers during spring and dark blue berries in fall; a Texas native.