SHRUBS - MEDIUM (not taller than 10 feet at maturity)

Common Name Scientific Name Height Remarks
Agarita Mahonia trifoliolata 5'-9' Sun/part shade; holly-like evergreen foliage; light yellow blooms in spring followed by edible, red berries that are loved by birds; a Texas native.
Barbados Cherry Malpighia glabra 2'-9' Sun/shade; evergreen; pink flowers with bright-red, glossy berries spring through fall; fruit is appealing to many types of wildlife; a Texas native.
Bird of Paradise, Mexican Caesalpinia gilliesii 6' Sun/part shade; deciduous; bright yellow flowers with bright red stamens; pest and disease resistant.
Bougainvillea Bougainvillea sp. To 15' Large tropical shrub and climber. Full sun. Good in pots or well protected area in a yard. "blooms" best under stress- little water. Keep dry and root bound in pots. Purple, fuscia, red.
Burford Holly Ilex cornuta 5’-7' Sun/part shade; evergreen; shiny, dark green leaves with sharp spines; red berries in late fall and winter.
Bush Germander Teucrium fruticans 4’-6’ Sun/part shade; deciduous; lavender flowers summer through fall; silvery foliage; intolerant of over-watering.
Cenizo, Texas Sage Leucophyllum sp. 5'-9' Sun; evergreen; dusty gray foliage; purple to pink flowers that appear after rain events in summer and fall; tolerates poor soil, heat and drought; a Texas native.
Chinese Horned Holly Ilex cornuta 6' Sun or shade; evergreen; tough, dark green leaves with sharp spines; red berries in winter.
Dwarf Wax Myrtle Myrica pusilla 5’ Sun/part shade; evergreen; light, feathery foliage; good screen planting; a Texas native.
Elaeagnus Elaeagnus spp. 5'-8' Sun/part shade; evergreen, grey-green foliage; tolerates poor soil, heat and drought; an excellent screen.
Sun/part shade; evergreen, grey-green foliage; tolerates poor soil, heat and drought; an excellent screen.
Elbow Bush Forestiera pubescens 3'-6' Sun/part sun; deciduous; small yellowish-green flowers in late winter, followed by black fruit that are eaten by various wildlife; a Texas native.
Esperanza, Yellow Bells Tecoma stans 4'-8' Sun; deciduous; clusters of yellow, bell-shaped flowers late spring through fall; ‘Gold Star’ is a highly recommended variety.
Firespike Odontonema strictum 3-4' Shade/part shade; shiny, dark green foliage; bright red tubular flowers late summer through fall; cherished by hummingbirds and butterflies; freezes to the ground in winter.
Fragrant Sumac Rhus aromatica 2'-8' Sun/part shade; deciduous; yellow bloom clusters in spring, red berry clusters and attractive red leaves in fall; a Texas native.
Hogplum Colubrina texensis 4'-6' Sun/partial-shade; deciduous; unusual, greenish yellow blooms in spring; a great source of food and shelter for wildlife; a Texas native.
Indian Hawthorne Raphiolepis indica 2'-10' Sun/part shade; evergreen; beautiful display of flowers in spring; shrubs with pink, rose, or white flowers available.
Italian Jasmine Jasminum humile 4'-6' Sun/part shade; small dark glossy green leaves, yellow spring flowers; sprawling form.
Juniper Juniperus sp. 5'-10' Tough evergreen; many varieties; sun, part shade
Mexican Bush Sage Salvia leucantha 3'-5' Sun/part shade; grey-green foliage that grows through summer months; produces long spikes of purple flowers that are fringed with white; freezes to the ground in winter.
Nandina Heavenly Bamboo Nandina domestica 2’-6' Sun/part shade; evergreen; red, orange, purple, and yellow foliage with red berries in fall; non-native and can be invasive due to birds eating the berries and "planting" them elsewhere; use in the heart of the city; may consider other choices in the hill country north of town or coastal plains south of town; many improved and dwarf varieties available.
Pittosporum Pittosporum tobira 3'-8' Sun/part shade; evergreen; leathery, glossy foliage; clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers in spring; green, variegated, and dwarf varieties available.
Pomegranate Punica granatum 5'-10' Sun/part shade; upright, fruiting shrub; bright orange blooms and shiny, dark green leaves; large, edible fruit; does well in poor soils; dwarf and non-fruiting varieties also available.
Pride of Barbados, Poinciana Caesalpinia pulcherrima 5-8' Sun; deciduous; tall, heat loving perennial that can be killed by sudden hard freezes; tropical looking, bright orange, yellow and red blooms in summer; stems are thorny.
Primrose Jasmine Jasminum mesnyi 5'-8' Sun/shade; evergreen; yellow flowers in early spring; long, arching branches that create a mounding form; makes a great evergreen screen.
Split-leaf Philodendron Philodendron selloum To 10’ Part shade/shade; evergreen; large, tropical-looking foliage; great understory shrub or houseplant; easily damaged by freezing temps.
Thyrallis Galphimia glauca 5-9' Sun/part shade; deciduous; bright spikes of golden-yellow flowers late spring through fall; deer resistant.
White Brush Aloysia gratissima 4'-8' Sun; deciduous; spikes of delicate, fragrant, white flowers spring through fall; attracts bees and butterflies; a Texas native.