Public Works

The City of Del Rio Public Works Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure and consists of several departments, all under one umbrella. It consists of Water & Wastewater, Natural Gas, Streets & Drainage, Refuse & Recycle, Parks, Facilities & Recreation, and Community Health. Public Works mission is to provide superior and fiscally responsible services that enhances the quality of life of our residents by working together to maintain and build a better Del Rio.

The Streets & Drainage Department is currently working from the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Street Maintenance and Paving Plan. For more information about the Street Paving Plan please contact our Engineering Department at (830) 774-8553.

Water Conservation

An adequate supply of safe, high quality drinking water is a precious resource in the Del Rio area. Ensuring safe and reliable supply of this drinking water is necessary to the public health, safety, and welfare. The Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan is intended to establish criteria to identify when the water supplies may be threatened, and the actions that should be taken to ensure these potential threats are minimized. The plan can be viewed here.