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The City of Del Rio is interested in citizens serving as members of our boards and commissions. As community leaders, citizens can provide an invaluable service to the City through board or commission membership and participation. Members volunteer many hours, annually, by sharing their time and expertise, while learning more about the City through their membership.

Some of the City’s boards and committees are required and established by state statute, while others result from provisions of the City’s Home-Rule Charter or from local ordinances. Boards and commissions address such subject as planning and zoning, transportation, parks, aviation and building inspection. Although many boards and commissions are advisory only, their influence and value can be significant as they make recommendations on a wide range of topics that eventually come before the City Council.

It is important for board and commission members to remember that the City Council, not the board or commission, is ultimately responsible to the citizens. In some cases, a board or commission recommendation will not be implemented despite the boards and commissions’ best public involvement effort. It should be understood that the City council’s area of responsibility and concern is very broad and there are many factors that influence City Council decisions.

Below are active City of Del Rio Boards, Commissions & Committees:

Building Board of Appeals

- Created by O: 97-13. The board of appeals has the power to hear appeals of decisions and interpretations of the chief building official or fire chief and consider variances of the Code.

Building Standards Commission

- The Building and Standards Commission was created by Ordinance No. 95-21. The function of the building standards commission is to determine what action should be taken regarding buildings which the official has classified as not meeting the safety standards of the city and which the owners, mortgages or lien holders have failed or refused to remove or repair.

Del Rio International Airport Commission

- Created by Ordinance 81-23. The commission shall advise and make recommendations to the airport superintendent and city council on matters concerning the operation, management and maintenance of the Del Rio International Airport (DRT).

Del Rio International Bridge Board

- The Board shall advise and make recommendations to the bridge superintendent and city council on matters concerning the operation, management and maintenance of the Del Rio International Bridge.

Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund Committee

- Created by Ordinance 2015 - 070. The committee's purpose is to accept Hotel Occupancy Tax Funding Requests and to make recommendations to City Council on disbursements of available Hot Funds within the scope of Chapter 351 of the Texas Tax Code.

Joint Airport Zoning Board

- Created by O: 91-32 and reaffirming the appointment of members by O: 2002-2 and O: 2008-009. The Board shall have the powers and exercise the duties set forth in Texas Local Government Code, § 241.014.

Del Rio Main Street Program 

- Reference R: 2002-116- Interested and dedicated citizens throughout the community of Del Rio collaborate with all levels of government, civic, and commercial organizations to revitalize and preserve the central business district.

Planning and Zoning Commission

- Created in 1962. (Code 1962, § 2-1-1) Duties of the commission are under the flood control ordinance, § 11-80 et seq.; zoning generally, Ch. 30.

Police Officer’s and Fire Fighter’s Civil Service Commission

- Reference Texas Local Government Code – Section 143.006, Implementation: The Commission hears appeals regarding municipal employee suspensions, reductions or removals, and investigates personnel administration of the City as needed per requirements in Section 143.006.

Mayor and City Council encourage you to apply even if the Board or Commission you wish to serve on has few or no openings. All remaining applications are reviewed throughout the year to fill vacancies, to serve on ad hoc task forces, or to assist on temporary committees established to review specific, short-term issues.

San Felipe Creek Master Plan Commission

- Created by Ordinance 2006-010. Shall implement the San Felipe Creek Master Plan adopted by the city council. Shall review all new development within the scope of the Master Plan, address citizen concerns regarding the Master Plan and San Felipe Creek within the scope of the Master Plan.

Utilities Commission

- The Utilities Commission was created by Ordinance No. 79-6. The commission shall have the authority and duty to promulgate rules and regulations governing its official meetings.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

- Powers of the board: (l) Hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official in the enforcement of any zoning ordinance (2) Hear and decide special exceptions to the terms of any zoning provision and (3) Authorize upon appeal in specific cases such variance from the terms of the zoning provision as will not be contrary to the public interest. Meeting minutes shall be kept of all its proceedings.

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