Water Treatment Plant

San Felipe Springs Water Treatment Plant is defined as the structures, equipment, facilities, and processes contained within the site boundaries of the water treatment plant, one of six components that make up the San Felipe Springs Water Treatment Plant. Water Treatment Plant Staff's primary goal is that all individual elements are performing as designed and within the parameters that are established by the state Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulatory agency. Staff’s ultimate goal is to provide excellent finished water quality to the customers of the City of Del Rio and Laughlin Air Force Base meeting applicable federal and state standards.

The Treatment Process

The treatment process consists of raw water from the East and West San Felipe Springs pump stations, pass through a pair sand separators, then proceed to a pair of 200-micron, automatic backwashing pre-filters to remove any sand and grit present in the plant influent. The pre-filtered water is distributed to fourteen primary and two secondary membrane filtration racks sized to handle an incoming flow of 18.2 Millions of Gallons per Day (MGD). The primary membranes are backwashed sequentially on a timed cycle. Backwash waste from the primary membrane racks discharges to an in-ground, backwash recovery sump. Following discharge from the treatment process; the filtered water will be disinfected and routed to two 1-Million Gallon circular, pre-stressed concrete clear wells. 

Ultra Filtration

Ultra filtration is a process, which involves applied pressure to drive water through a membrane. The membrane consists of a thin film acting as a sieve. Ultra filtration is a mechanical filtration process that allows retention of all particles larger than the pore size but allowing water, salts, and small molecules to pass through. The system works like a coffee filter, eliminating all solids in suspension and retaining them on the membrane surface. Due to the pore size, turbidity and large organic molecules are removed. For this same reason, the membranes are able to completely remove all microorganisms including cysts and oocysts, bacteria and viruses. The permeate quality (filtered water) for all particles removed by membranes, turbidity, suspended solids, microorganisms, is independent of the observed variations in the raw water.

  1. Greg Velazquez

    Wastewater Superintendent/Plant Manager

  2. Jaime Ovalle

    Assistant Wastewater Superintendent

  3. Wastewater

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    Phone: 830-775-2783

Water Quality Report 2018